Contract Vehicles

USDA Forest Service Southern Region Disaster Recovery Support - Blanket Purchase Agreement #1243ZP19A0061

USDA Forest Service Vegetative Management Services IDIQ MATOC - #127DF520D0008

US Army Corps of Engineers Susquehanna River Project Debris, Deposit, Tree and Brush Removal - Blanket Purchase Agreement #W912DR-17-A-0007

Military Mission Support

The Department of Defense military departments are faced with conquering numerous, evolving challenges that include countering global strategic challenges and terrorist threats, protecting infrastructure, developing full-spectrum total force capabilities, and building and maintaining force readiness.

Mohawk assists in sustaining military lands for training at numerous military installations nationwide. Our services include mechanical and manual vegetation management, land rehabilitation and maintenance, maneuver trail construction and maintenance, fenceline clearing, environmental restoration, site preparation, disaster recovery, mechanical dredging, and line of site/right of way clearing. Mohawk deploys skilled site supervisors, crew leaders, and equipment operators to multiple installations simultaneously to complete work. We work securely and safely, maintaining flexibility to accommodate scheduled military training exercises and respond rapidly to changing priorities.

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Environmental & Disaster Recovery Projects

Mohawk rapidly responds to government requirements for environmental cleanup and disaster recovery. Mohawk provides stream channel realignment, bank armoring, dam channel intake debris removal services in support of flood protection projects. Immediately following hurricanes, Mohawk deploys with haul trucks and woody debris grinders to assist with removing and processing woody debris. After initial recovery operations are completed, Mohawk provides vegetation management, road stabilization, fenceline replacement, and building demolition and replacement services.

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Levy Mowing

Mohawk provides all labor, equipment, materials, administrative work, and supplies necessary to perform grass mowing and trimming services. In accordance with specifications and in coordination with the Technical Point of Contact (TPOC), services include mowing of levees, berms (flats), drainage ditches, and adjacent areas. In addition, we conduct hand trimming around concrete, metal, and wood structures to include floodwalls, headwalls, fences, railings, and other areas not accessible by equipment. Special attention is provided near stream banks to prevent the establishment of woody growth.

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Snow Removal

Mohawk's fleet of snow removal equipment provides 24/7 snow removal services to the Department of Veterans Affairs, Homeland Security, and the United States Air Force.

Working for the United States Air Force, Mohawk is responsible for removing snow from its secure installation in Rome New York. In conjunction with and adjacent to Defense Finance and Accounting, Mohawk met all security and past performance requirements, where snow falls are unpredictable and can exceed 120" per season.

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