Recycling yard machinery

Recycling Yard in Rome, NY

At our recycling facility in Rome, we recycle aggregates, soils, and waste wood, including stump grinding and recycling. We are experienced in processing large volumes of green waste for commercial and governmental customers.

on-site crushing work

We use state of the art machinery and equipment.

Our equipment is built to provide effective, efficient green waste recycling services. We are able to process large volumes of green waste from mowing, forestry projects, soil removal, and more.

Mohawk Valley Materials can help you with your recycling needs.

Our skilled machinery operators are able to handle your recycling needs. As both a prime and subcontractor we regularly partner with qualified companies to deliver services on time, within budget, and to client satisfaction. Our low EMR rating reflects a record of zero reportable safety incidents since inception.

Recycling yard machinery

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