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Our Projects

At Mohawk Valley Materials, we are proud of the work we have done, both commercially and governmentally. Learn more about just a few of our projects below.


Integrated Training Area Management, Department of the Army

Since 2013, MVM has continuously supported the Army Sustainable Range Program by providing land rehabilitation and maintenance services. Our work has spanned 15 Army installations. Our services include maneuver trail maintenance, reconstruction, and reconfiguration; mechanical and manual vegetation removal; hardening of low water crossings and other sensitive features; and implementation of best management
practices for erosion and sediment control. MVM works within seasonal constraints and around Army Warfighter training schedules. We complete work on time or ahead of schedule in order to return training lands for military training. Since 2019 alone, we completed this work on nine Army installations an average of 76 days ahead of contractual deadlines.

Civil Construction Support, USDA Forest Service, Disaster Recovery

Since 2018, MVM has continuously supported disaster recovery, civil construction design-build and design-bid-build, road maintenance, vegetation management and recreational site improvements under multiple IDIQ, SATOC, and BPA agreements on National Forests. We adhere to Forest Service specifications and coordinate closely with ourclosely our clients to schedule and perform work in a manner that protects sensitive habitats and endangered species, such as the Red-Cockaded Woodpecker, while minimizing impacts to the public during construction.

kings slough
heavy civil engineering

Dam Safety Modifications and Flood Protection, United States Army Corps of Engineers (USACE)

Since 2016, MVM has continuously supported various USACE Districts (Baltimore, Philadelphia, Nashville) through BPAs and stand-alone contracts for flood protection and dam safety. Services include mechanical dredging stream channels, bank armoring, re-channelization, sheet piling, demolishing old floodwalls and constructing new floodwalls, removing and replacing riprap armoring on dams, replacing piezometers, and installing geo liners. MVM adheres to plans, specifications, and EM 385-1-1 safety requirements. We work closely with USACE technical leads and contracting staff to plan every phase of work, acquire approved materials, and complete testing.

Airfield Clearing Operations, Department of the Navy, NAVFAC, NAS Whiting Field

In support of runway obstruction removal, MVM completed two contracts at NAS Whiting Field and is in progress on a third. MVM removed perimeter trees near runways and helopads on NAS Whiting Field to improve the approach angle for glide-slope operations. MVM cut, delimbed, and removed trees from 128 acres, and cleared 88 acres of all vegetation and stumps. To save costs, we utilized air curtain burners to process slash through burning. This technique creates very little smoke and eliminates visibility issues. We completed the project five months ahead of schedule.

codorus job site
road construction and paving

Additional Project Highlights

  • USACE Middlesboro KY Channel Clearing
  • USACE Jadwin Dam Safety Modification
  • USACE Codorus Creek Floodwall Replacement
  • Department of Defense / Deployed Resources Site Preparation Work
  • NAVFAC Santa Rosa Runway Clearing & Grubbing
  • NYS Canal Corporation Woody Debris Removal BPA
  • NYS Department of Transportation - Mohawk River Trail Improvements - Phase II
  • USACE Houston Ship Channel Peggy Lake Placement Area Improvements
  • USACE WestPoint Delafield Pond Dam Decommission
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