Land Clearing

Mohawk's efficient land clearing services include the removal of trees, stumps, and other vegetation. Mohawk places emphasis on special conditions for each project. Our service takes into consideration any habitat concerns, archeologically sensitive areas, and wetland protection.

No matter where or how large, from a right-of-way to hundreds of acres, our land clearing services include:

Tree felling, clearing, hauling, and disposal equipment for any terrain
Traditional tree climbing and removal
On- or off-site stump grinding and stump recycling at our recycling facility
Brush and small tree removal
Traditional bulldozer clearing and site cleanup services
Recreational site clearing services for walking paths, riding trails, pasture lands, snowmobile trails, or hunting grounds

Our forestry and reforestation expertise can restore wildlife habitat, eliminate invasive plant species, and/or perform other forestry management services.

Site Preparation & Development

We are known for our ability to expertly provide site preparation and development services while utilizing industry best management practices (BMPs) to effectively support the structural integrity of any construction project.

The clearance and excavation of the site is a step-by-step process that includes soil testing, site-plan designs, zoning restrictions, environmental concerns, utility location, and clearing and excavation.

Each step is carefully investigated to ensure a seamless approval process and on time project schedule.

Forestry Mowing

Mohawk owns and operates a fleet of forestry and biomass equipment to successfully complete any project.

Our forestry masticators use a rotary drum equipped with steel chipper tools to shred vegetation. They meet Tier IV emission standards and exhibit low ground pressure, which is critical for protecting sensitive soils and minimizing disturbance. Our experienced teams are capable of clearing up to 15 acres of vegetation a day, depending on terrain, density, and type of material.

Contract Grinding & Screening

Mohawk owns track mounted screening and grinding equipment that can be mobilized to your job site for recycling aggregates, waste wood, or soils. We are experienced at processing large volumes of green waste for commercial and governmental customers. We mobilize our own support equipment for loading, stockpiling, processing, and trucking your materials on or off site.

Snow Removal

Mohawk's fleet of snow removal equipment provides 24/7 snow removal services to a variety of commercial clients in the Mohawk Valley.

Working with such large customers as Birnie Bus Service, Mohawk is responsible for removing snow from multiple locations within the greater Utica Rome area.

Mohawk continues to meet all performance requirements where snowfalls are unpredictable and can exceed 120" per season.

Material Supply

Since 2007, Mohawk has been providing quality materials and services to Mohawk Valley area builders and contractors. In fact, we still have a few of our very first customers. We offer various grades of aggregates, landscape stone, mulch, topsoil and compost.

As one of the area's most trusted and dependable suppliers, our knowledgeable staff can help you at any phase of a construction process to ensure that you have the right materials at a competitive price.

Drone Services

Mohawk is continuously developing capabilities to better meet and exceed our client's expectations. Mohawk thrives on identifying and providing cost-effective solutions to client challenges.

Our remote sensing and drone program serves a wide variety of clients, to include federal, state, and local government, commercial entities, and non-profit entities (disaster-relief and emergency-response organizations, search-and-rescue groups)

We offer end-to-end remote sensing and drone-acquired imagery solutions including:

Image & videography
Vegetation analysis through multispectral sensors
Volumetric measurements with over 99% accuracy rate
Photogrammetry & Orthomosaics
Survey-grade Mapping
Land assessments
Plug-ins to Global Information Systems

Mohawk's FAA certified drone operators are fully insured and comply with all local, state, and federal laws to provide safe and actionable results, tailored to each individual client.