Our Team

Tricia Rutkowski

President and Owner

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Tricia is the President and Owner of Mohawk Valley Materials, Inc. (Mohawk). She is a dedicated construction professional, with extensive experience in management, finance, and quality. Driven by integrity, she takes pride in providing the best workspace possible. Tricia's ultimate goal is for all of her employees to feel happy and motivated to work.

Tricia's passion for Mohawk can be traced back to 2007, where she and her husband Joe spent significant time working on what was a small mulch and topsoil company. Upon Tricia becoming 100% owner of the company, Mohawk quickly morphed into a federal, state, and local horizontal construction services company. While there are endless stories to tell surrounding the company transition, she knows it could never have been done without her family, employees, and their dedication to success.

Tricia has worked in the construction industry for 13 years, gaining experience in operations, business development, accounting, financial statement presentation, and human resources. You name it, and she has mastered it. She is passionate about advancing Mohawk to its' fullest potential and will go to great lengths to get the company to be where it needs to be. Prior to owning and operating Mohawk, Tricia was an accountant working for various accounting firms. Tricia earned her Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Kings College in Pennsylvania.

Outside of Mohawk, Tricia enjoys spending time with her family. Ultimately, her favorite job is being a mother to her three children, and a grandmother. Tricia enjoys the Florida beaches, spending time in the Adirondacks, and traveling to different work events all over the country. She also enjoys watching her sons play hockey, and her daughter perform the art of dance. Tricia and her husband support the Utica College Varsity Hockey team, the Utica Comets, and continuously give back to the local community in Rome, NY.

Joseph Rutkowski

Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development

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As Executive Vice President of Operations and Business Development at Mohawk Valley Materials, Inc. (Mohawk), Mr. Joe Rutkowski has extensive experience and knowledge in business development, operations, equipment, and estimating. Joe fuels Mohawk's business development team with bidding opportunities, and directly supports operations with manpower, scheduling, and staffing efforts. Joe's field expertise in the area of work perform is like no other.

Joe, with the help of his wife Tricia (President and Owner of Mohawk), started the company in 2007, selling bulk landscaping material for homes and businesses. Now, Mohawk provides horizontal construction and land management services nationwide.

Joe has worked in the construction industry for 25+ years. Post serving in the military, Joe began his professional journey as a law enforcement officer in Pennsylvania. He then went on to sell heavy construction equipment for CBI and Lyons Equipment Company. These experiences gave Joe the foundation to assist in building a successful horizontal construction company. His knowledge of how the equipment we purchase performs assists to get the job done fast and efficiently with minimal disturbance to operations. Joe is passionate about finding the next job for Mohawk, and establishing trusted relationships with customers, partners, and vendors.

Outside of Mohawk, Joe enjoys fishing, hunting, and spending time with his family. He frequently visits the Adirondacks for outdoor activities, and spends his time traveling from state-to-state to see how Mohawk can efficiently bid the proposed work. Joe attended The Community College of The Air Force and Harrisburg Area Community College, he is also a United States Air Force veteran.

Joey Rutkowski

General Manager

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As General Manager of Mohawk Valley Materials, Inc. (Mohawk) and Mohawk Valley Mining, LLC, Mr. Joseph (Joey) M. Rutkowski wears multiple management hats. Joey runs the entire day-to-day mining operations and also supports materials with project management oversight. Joey has gained well-rounded experience in managing a range of horizontal construction projects to include hurricane cleanup relief, land clearing, road reconstruction, earthwork, and more. His ability to manage projects concurrently, coupled with strong client relationships, makes him an asset to our construction team.

Joey has been in the construction industry for 10+ years, starting in the year of 2007 when Mohawk was established. He has worked on all areas of the company; from manual labor, to recruiting, accounting, and management. As Mohawk continued to grow, Joey morphed into the Retail Manager at only 16 years old. He continued to work for Mohawk while attending Utica College to study construction management. To further expand his knowledge of construction, Joey took an internship in the summer of 2019 at Marcy Excavating. Upon returning to Mohawk, he provided direct oversight of our retail operations, and also served as a Project Engineer. Joey was promoted to a Project Manager in 2020. He recently relocated to Northwest Florida to create another office there, and grow our business operations in that area.

Prior to working at Mohawk full-time, Joey was a Division III College Hockey player at both the State University of New York at Oswego, and Utica College. He finished his hockey career at Utica College, where he won two league championships and was the Captain of the team his senior year. Joey is a proud father and happily married to high school sweetheart, Lindsay. Outside of work, he is an extreme hunter and fisherman in the Adirondacks. He also enjoys training MMA, jujitsu, and playing recreational hockey.

Lindsay Rutkowski


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Ms. Lindsay Rutkowski is responsible for closely monitoring Mohawk's
financial health. She oversees and analyzes financial statements, payroll,
budgets, tax compliance issues, reconciliations, and more. She provides
comprehensive financial updates to senior management by evaluating,
analyzing, and reporting appropriate data points. Ms. Rutkowski works
closely with our President and Director of Accounting to ensure Mohawk
is on track for financial growth.

Lindsay's professional experience tracks back to the year 2016 when she
first joined Mohawk immediately out of college. Since then, she has
assisted the company's financial growth spree over the past six years.
Lindsay took charge of our transition from QuickBooks to Deltek
Costpoint in 2019, and was the lead of our implementation team. She
oversees and supports our accounting team with dynamic leadership that
creates an environment of trust and productivity.

"Every day is a challenge and that's what motivates me. The construction
industry is a fast-paced environment, us women keep the men in check
and that is what drives our success," says Lindsay. Ms. Rutkowski
possesses a Bachelor of Science in Accounting from Coastal Carolina

Jenna DeBlasiis

Manager, Quality & Proposals

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Ms. Jenna DeBlasiis, Manager of Quality and Proposals directly supports
our business development team. Jenna's primary responsibility is to
respond to numerous requests for proposals per year. She also assists Ms.
Tricia Rutkowski on continually working with our bonding and insurance
company to secure bonds and specific coverage for bids, projects, and
other potential work. Jenna also manages our marketing campaigns,
social media, and our quality and training program.

Jenna began working for Mohawk performing data entry duties, and
quickly worked her way into Mohawk's human resource and payroll
department, and then into proposal and quality management. She thrives
in a fast-paced environment and will work on any project at any given
time to get the company to the next level. "It may sound cliché, but what
is most rewarding for me about working in construction is the people.
The connection between our office and field employees makes my job
that much more special," says Jenna.

Ms. DeBlasiis' willingness to succeed in the construction industry and
within our company as a team is an asset to our company. Mohawk relies
on her for insight amongst many different departments due to her wellrounded skillset within the company. She possesses a Bachelor of Arts in
Communication from the State University of New York at Oswego.

Eric Hale

Senior Project Manager

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Eric Hale is Mohawk’s one and only Senior Project Manager with more
than 30 years’ experience in the Heavy & Civil Construction field. Eric
was born into the business. His father, Phil Hale, founded Marcy
Excavation Services (MES) in 1981, creating a reputation for quality
earth moving work across Central New York.
Eric wore many hats while working for his family business. He quickly
became an expert Operator, Superintendent, Site Safety Officer,
Surveyor, Project Manager, Chief of Operations, you name it – and Eric
mastered it. When MES sold their company to Rifenburg, Eric continued
to carry on his father’s legacy for many years working with a large
number of loyal clients such as DuPont, Waste Management, Casella, and
Honeywell. Many of the projects he managed included landfill earth
moving work, commercial site development; construction for schools,
such as parking areas, athletic fields, tennis courts, and addressing
drainage issues; wetlands construction; work at private and county
regional airports; environmental work such as stream relocation and
streambank stabilization; underground utilities of water and sewer; access
roads in industrial parks; and hazardous waste remediation.
Eric recently joined Mohawk in June of 2022. Eric’s overall knowledge
of construction is an asset to our company in itself. He is a “dirt moving
expert” with excellent project management and leadership skills. He
brings a reputation to Mohawk that he follows day-in and day-out, Eric
says, "If we're going to do a job, we're going to do it right." Eric attended
school for a degree in engineering for a number of years, but primarily
has learned all he knows through day-to-day field experience and
working in a construction environment his entire life. Eric holds a
handful of construction certifications.

Aaron Owens

Senior Site Superintendent

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Aaron Owens is Mohawk's Senior Site Superintendent. Aaron has over
30 years' experience in the Heavy & Civil Construction field. Aaron
started off working with Eric Hale as Marcy Excavation Services (MES)
many years ago as an Operator. Aaron was a fast learner - and quickly
transitioned into an on-site management position at a young age,
responsible for completing construction projects across Central New

Aaron is an asset to our team. He is an expert on running any piece of
equipment, to include dozers, graders, rollers, excavators, skid steers,
trucks, pavers, and anything else you could imagine. Aaron also has the
capability to assist our project managers with project scheduling,
submittals, and an overall approach to staff, execute, and complete a
project successfully.

Prior to working at Mohawk, Aaron ran all operations as Head
Superintendent for James Bray Contracting. Aaron's footprint of projects
spanned from paving, excavating, and demolition, to site preparation,
concrete sidewalks, and roadwork improvements. Aaron quickly became
a master of all trades. He joined Mohawk in January of 2022, and since
then has completed 5+ projects ahead of schedule and to specification.
Many of our clients now request Aaron to lead our projects due to his
excellent reputation and client relations. Aaron says, "It's simple. Crash
the job, impress the customer, and move onto the next one."

Rod Garrett

Chief Financial Officer

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As CFO of Mohawk Valley Materials, Inc, Mr. Garrett is
responsible for the overall financial management of operations. He
oversees our operations department, manages direct cash flow,
implements budget structure and compliance, controls revenue
forecasting, and works closely with accounting to ensure overall
profitability on our projects.

Mr. Garrett has more than 35 years of in-depth knowledge and experience
in the management of companies ranging in size from revenue of $1
billion to small businesses with less than $10 million in annual revenue.
He was most recently the Chief Financial Officer for Advanced
Automation Corporation, a DCAA compliant, ISO certified, aerospace-defense sector federal contracting company solving mission-critical
problems and developing lifecycle sustainment strategies. He was a
Senior Loan Officer for Agchoice Farm Credit specializing in
commercial timberland and wood production facilities. He has also
worked in investment banking doing private placements and M&A
advisory. He has been involved acquiring and divesting subsidiaries,
structuring debt financing including the use of derivatives, dividend
policy and capital structure analysis. Prior to joining AAC, Mr. Garrett
had a valuation and financial advisory practice. Clients were mostly small
to mid-sized companies with an occasional large corporation.

Mr. Garrett holds a Master of Science degree in Natural Resource
Management from SUNY College of Environmental Science and
Forestry / Syracuse University, an MBA in International Business from
George Washington University, and a BBA in Finance from Temple

Allison Zakala

Director of Accounting

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Ms. Allison Zakala is the Director of Accounting for Mohawk Valley
Materials, Inc. She was hired in January 2022 to fill a newly created role
and comes to us with 20 years of experience in her field. Allison oversees
the general accounting and financial reporting functions of the company.
She is responsible for implementing and maintaining a system of internal
controls that will ensure all financial reporting is prepared in compliance
with all financial policies, SEC requirements and GAAP. Allison is also
responsible for the management of the accounting system in compliance
with DCAA regulations.

Allison's past work experience allowed her to gain knowledge of the
government contracting industry as well as the accounting system utilized
here at Mohawk Valley Materials. She converted her former employer's
accounting system from QuickBooks to Deltek Costpoint and was
successful in obtaining an official letter of DCAA approval, following an
audit of the accounting system. She is very excited about the exponential
growth in this company's future. Ms. Zakala's undergraduate studies
were in accounting. She also earned a certificate in Government Contract

Kevin Korzenski

Human Resource Manager

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Kevin J Korzenski is the Human Resources Manager for Mohawk Valley
Materials, Inc. With over 20 years' experience in all facets of HR, Kevin
brings vast experience from the manufacturing industry into the
construction industry. Kevin will lead Mohawk's HR initiatives and
review processes as the company continues to grow. Starting with the
recruiting process, onboarding new employees to benefits administration,
performance, building and establishing employee relationships to
retirement plans and payroll, he will have his hands on the pulse of the

Prior to joining Mohawk, Kevin's human resources background was
primarily in the manufacturing industry with local companies. Building a
foundation in light industrial manufacturing, ISO and working with
unions, he gained valuable experience that helped him transition to the
dairy industry. He was fortunate to work with two startup companies that
became category leaders in yogurt and premium ice cream
manufacturing. With everything that's involved with milk production and
the critical control processes for consumer goods, the experiences were
an education in how to grow companies, always keeping in mind that
"it's all about the people."

Kevin was educated at MVCC, Biscayne College, and in fast-paced
environments with companies where multitasking and collaboration are
requirements. "You have to be passionate" to work for a dynamic,
growing company and understand the commitment it takes," says Kevin